Lesson plans and ideas

Key stage 1 (England & Wales, Northern Ireland), Nursery & P1-P2 (Scotland)
4 – 7 years old

Florence Nightingale
Great fire of London – female firefighters

Our homes – domestic work


Key stage 2 (England & Wales, Northern Ireland), P3-P6 (Scotland)
7 – 11 years old

Ancient Egypt – Cleopatra
Ancient Greeks – Athenian & Spartan women
Britain since 1948 – Immigrant nurses
Tudor Exploration – Elizabeth I
Victorians – rich Victorian girls
WW2 – Women and war
WW1 – Women and memorials
Indus Valley – An Indus Mother Goddess?


Key stage 3 (England & Wales, Northern Ireland), P7-S2 (Scotland)
11 – 14 years old

Medieval Monarchs – Matilda
Peace in Northern Ireland – Women’s Coalition for Northern Ireland

Key stage 4 (England & Wales, Northern Ireland), S3-S4 (Scotland)
14 – 16 years old

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Level 1



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