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Start date – NOW!
End date – 08 March 2012 12.00
About:  We need your help! In 2012 for the 101st International Women’s Day, we are planning to have some fun around the world. What we need you to do is film a brief clip of yourself either on your webcam or your phone and send it to us as soon as possible by uploading your clip on our Facebook page (, reply to our YouTube video ( with a video response or by sending the clip to us at In the video you need to tell us: Tell us your name and country, wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day and give your one-word wish for women. The ideal format for the video is high def quicktime (e.g video from an iphone, but any other format will do); or a clip taken on your computer’s webcam at the highest possible setting. We will create a montage of all the movies on our website and Facebook pages as we celebrate women the world over. Let’s see how many videos we can get back! We want to reach out to all the women around the world…
Venue: Your home, your work, or where you are standing right now!, London
Organisation: White Water Women: White Water Women is determined to give women their best chance of success at work by equipping them with the skills, the attitudes and the confidence to make it to the top in their careers. We do this through really effective programmes and affordable, focused coaching.

Thursday 8th March

Throughout the day of March 8, Gender Across Borders will have an ongoing live blog of what you have to say about “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures.” This year, Gender Across Borders and CARE will host the Third Annual Blog for International Women’s Day, a day where bloggers, writers, and humanitarian organizations are asked to write about the International Women’s Day theme on March 8.