Becoming disillusioned by a fair bit of the mainstream feminist movement

Becoming disillusioned by a fair bit of the mainstream feminist movement

Why I have become alienated from the what has become a fair bit of todays mainstream feminism
Feminism for me, is a radical, inspiring ever moving forwards, way of life. It’s not dogma, it’s not a thing that happens from the top filtering down. It is without leaders, it’s about women connecting with other women, at a heart level. Listening to each other, and respecting our stories and our differences. Sisterhood isn’t, get that, ISN”T women calling other women stupid for not agreeing with each other. That’s what patriarchy does best. It’s old school, and as such has had its day. Feminist dogma is a bore.
I reclaim my feminism from any who attempt to tell me who I should be as a feminist, what views I should have. I’m about women’s emancipation, women’s empowerment. I’m about connecting with my sisters from the heart. Dancing at full moon, sharing circles, and choosing the issues affecting us as women to forge forward and campaign about politically. I’m a wild, radical feminist witch, who supports ALL women who want to connect from the heart. To listen to each other as equals
Retelling folk stories from a feminist perspective is a favourite pass-time. As I’m writing this, I’m listening to some lyrics about Bloudwedd, bride of flowers, a trapped woman, she is given bad press in most tellings of her story. Created from oak, Broom and meadowsweet, Bloudwedd was created for a mans convenience and inconveniently for him, had ideas of her own. Oh yeah, I’m rooting for Bloudwedd. And oh yeah, we can tell a lot about how women are perceived or misperceived through how we are depicted in tales. Patriarchy has hung over our heads for a long time. Whilst we in fight, and re-create a mirror of patriarchy in our own communities, by creating hierarchy and leaders and pushing dogma and “rules” on what a feminist should be, think do etc, we are part of the problem. I’m using the word we metaphorically here, as I don’t play that game myself. For anyone reading this who does, I ask you, take a long hard look at what you’re doing when you do this.
To really feel knowledge from within, and to be empowered to know who we each are individually. To consciously talk through issues affecting us as women, really talk, in circles, and really listen as equals. This is radical, this will create the most profound changes fro us as women.
It’s impossible to be an artist, to be creative, within the self imposed boundaries of dogma. Art demands more free thinking, creativity and dogma are incompatible companions. And creativity is more inspiring, creativity is a turn on, dogma is not. To be seen, heard and respected, to live life with integrity, and honesty and not play patriarchy’s games, is radical. To keep in touch with core feelings, to not be overtaken by the pains and angers. To carry on seeing and feeling and being the beauty. Real raw
Writing this on the eve of Beltane, in this part of the hemisphere, the world is blossoming. Let’s tap in to this natural creativity to co create a new feminism Image

Jo Rowlands, 30th April 2014

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