True Heart Theatre (London) Present ‘In The Mirror – Three Women, Three Stories’ – 9th-12th November

Each play tells the true story of a woman whose life is tied to both China and the United Kingdom. Issues of parenting, politics and identity are firmly addressed in an entertaining way. These plays should be extremely interesting to anyone concerned with women’s issues.

‘ There are Two Perfectly Good Mes: One Dead, the Other Unborn’ – relates the true story of the British Chinese film and stage actor Lucy Sheen who was adopted by an English Family as a baby. The challenges and lessons of her journey have brought about many revelations and a very powerful performance.

‘Anna May Wong Must Die’– a fascinating play in development about the life of the first Chinese film star Anna May Wong who was considered too Western for the Chinese theatre and too Chinese for Hollywood . She had considerable artistic success in the UK but the sometimes clichéd roles she was called upon to play must now be consigned to the past. Anna Chen undertakes this demanding role.

‘Face’ –performed bilingually in English and Cantonese by actor Veronica Needa explores her Hong Kong Eurasion experience both here in the UK and in Hong Kong. Her story is followed by a second half performance of Playback Theatre in which the audience can contribute their own experiences.

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