What sort of history should school history be?

Women’s History Month would like to thank the Historical Association for an enjoyable evening on Monday night (see previous blog post).  Unfortunately
time ran out before Women’s History Month could ask their question.

Sue Sanders of LGBT History Month was in the audience at the event.
She made the very important point that history textbooks lack diversity
and don’t ‘give a challenge to the stereotypes of people’.  She included Women’s History Month when she listed organisations that showed the need for more diversity in history topics –thanks Sue!

Michael Riley of The Schools History Project was on the panel and suggested that ‘prescribed diversity [was necessary in any reworking of the history curriculum], but with little prescription on names and dates’.

A history teacher, also on the panel, made the point that history should ‘be emancipatory for pupils’.  Women’s History Month would agree whole
heartedly with this statement and hopes that any reworking of the history curriculum gives girls greater opportunities for being emancipated from the inhibitions imposed on them by today’s society.


About Women's History Month

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