Jun – Aug 2011 Glasgow Women’s Library Events

Phenomenal Woman (£3/free)
Thursday 30 June, 6pm
A celebration of poetry by American women; a live performance of
some of the best poetry written by women in America, from the 19th century to
the present day. Poets featured include Emily Dickinson, Louisa May Alcott,
Sara Teasdale, Dorthy Parker, Sylvia Plath, Lisa Zaran, Erica Jong, Sharon
Esther Lampert and Maya Angelou.

Women Make History Workshop: Jewish Archives Visit (£3/free)
Friday 22 July, 11am
Continuing our popular Women Make History workshops into summer
with a visit to the Jewish Archives.

Women of the Merchant City
Sunday 24 July, 2pm
Uncover the Merchant City’s hidden history during this walk
around Glasgow’s cosmopolitan hub. Join Glasgow Women’s Library tour guides at
the Merchant City Festival to discover the female stars that stud the fabric of
this famous quarter. Scandal, vice, radicalism, regeneration and revival are
topics highlighted by our original tour.

WMH Film Night: You Play Your Part & Red Skirts on Clydeside

Thursday 18 August, 6pm
Part of our Women Make History workshops programme we are having
a film night, watching 2 shorts films based on the Govan Rent strikes: Red
Skirts on Clydeside and You Play Your Part.


About Women's History Month

Discovering women's history Celebrating women's achievements Empowering women today
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