Women’s History Month is celebrated each year in March. 

In March 2012 there will lots of events taking place across the UK to celebrate women’s stories and achievements.  For example, one of our steering committee is giving a talk on Wednesday 7 March entitled “Women’s History: Half the Future and Half the Past”.

We have put as many of these events as possible into our March 2012 Newsletter.  We’ll still adding to our online 2012 calendar as possible, so please email us if you have an event.  We would really like to hear from people outside London and/or from small organisations.

In March 2011, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and the 40th anniversary of the first Women’s Liberation Movement march in London.

Please download our Women’s History Month March 2012 Newsletter.  If you’d like to see what happened in 2011, look at our March 2011 Newsletter.

New Resources

After wondering ‘where are women in the history of art?,’ Sarah Jackson returns to write about kickass women in folk songs.

Monica McWilliams, Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and a signer of the historic 1998 Good Friday Agreement with Ireland, addresses the challenges of turning the promise of peace accords into stable post-conflict societies through the inclusion of women in political and civil leadership.

Want to integrate these issues into teaching on Northern Ireland?  Please see here for a Key Stage 3 – Peace in Northern Ireland lesson plan.

Shelley Correll explains how gender stereotypes influence career choices and why, as a result, men are dominant in maths and science related professions.  We think teaching the reality and breadth of women’s experiences, roles and realities throughout history is one of the ways we can dismantle these stereotypes. It’s well worth a watch.

For other reasons to teach women’s history, please see here.

If you would like to get involved in Women’s History Month, do please email us.

If you would like to contribute teaching resources to Women’s History Month please email them to us for publication on this site.  We would be extremely grateful to anyone who wishes to send us lesson plans, ideas, worksheets or activities on the subject of women’s history.